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The company has made a rapid progress in the business owing to its premium quality products. Upholding the importance of commitment, we progress to take on new opportunities and challenges offered by the future. Positive sales growth and development during these years have enabled us to expand and diversify in our field and establish a strong network in this market.



These equipment produced crushed Ice, slow melting Ice flakes & are mainly used in the growing fields of Medical, Industrial, Chemical Industries, Hospitals, colleges, Institutions, R & D & Q.C. Laboratories.


S.S bin of 304 quality for collection of Ice & the outer is made of CRCA non-contiminant expoxy powder coated. It rests on heavy angular frame structure.

Refrigeration System

Efficient cooling system with hermetically seated compressors & CFC Free referigerant, complete with air cooled condensor & fan motor. It is a self-contained Ice producer with a well insulated Ice storage bin of various capacities.


It is a direct drive mechanism system which delivers Ice flakes faster. Insulated bin keeps the Ice for longer period. A door is provided on the top of the bin for easy removal of Ice. There is a auto cut off system, when the bin is full of Ice it cuts off the refrigeration systems & re-starts when the level comes down.

Optional :

Additional safety thermostat for controller. It can be supplied with water filler & water failure protection device, the system will get cut off when the water supply fails & get started automatically when the water supply is resumed. Also available GMP Models / Complete S. S. unit.

Special Care :

A suitable K.V.A Servo Controlled voltage stabilizer is recommended in case voltage fluctuations


Models Capacity in hours Capacity of Bin in kgs External dimensions W x D x H
IF-A. 50 Kg / 24 hours 40 Kg. approx 24,00 x 24.00 x 38.98 (610 x 610 x 990)
IF-B. 60 Kg / 24 hours 40 Kg. approx 24,00 x 24.00 x 38.98 (610 x 610 x 990)
IF-C. 70 Kg / 24 hours 50 Kg. approx 24.00 x 24.00 x 38.98 (610 x 610 x 990)
IF-D. 90 Kg / 24 hours 60 Kg. approx 24.00 x 25.98 x 38.98 (610 x 660 x 990)
IF-E. 100 Kg / 24 hours 80 Kg. approx 36.22 x 24.00 x 38.98 (920 x 610 x 990)
IF-F. 120 Kg / 24 hours 160 Kg. approx 36.22 x 24.00 x 38.98 (920 x 610 x 990)
IF-G. 200 Kg / 24 hours 320 Kg. approx 53.15 x 29.92 x 42.13 (1350 x 760 x 1070)

Client Testimonials

Head of Procurement

ISRO, Trivandrum

The services and support provided by SR Lab Instruments is excellent. I deeply appreciate the prompt response of the team and their willingness to help us out in any situation.

Product Manager

ISRO, Trivandrum

I really appreciate the continual updates on our orders. Few companies have such fine follow-up service. We also look forward to probable future contacts with SR Lab Instruments.

Senior Manager Facilities Planning

The demonstration provided by the team was what lead us to finalising our order. We appreciate the responsiveness with which both support and technical information was provided by your team.

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